Weasel fires Chaga from goodlyfe!

Weasel fires Chaga from goodlyfe!

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By Samuel Opio

Musician Chagga, who has been manager of the Goodlyfe Crew has been fired by Douglas Mayanja a.k.a Weasel Manizo for misconduct and luck of respect for his boss barely 2 months after Mozey Radio’s death. Pundits claim, Bryan White is likely to take the group and dictate his terms.

Speaking to the spy, Weasel said Chagga has not been respecting him ever since his ‘brother’ Mozey Radio died. He has even failed to do any serious business and is instead creating hatred between him (Weasel) and the Goodlyfe Crew followers.

Weasel narrated to us a scenario where Chaga received money for Weasel to perform in Busia well knowing that Bryan White had booked earlier and Weasel couldn’t perform at that show.

Last weekend, Weasel accompanied Bryan white in Mbarara to launch his organization “Bryan White foundation” in Kacheka stadium.

“I was told that my manager,then (Chagga) signed a contract for me to perform in Busia well knowing that I had business with Bryan White Foundation which we signed first. I had to forego the Busia concert, but now my name has been spoilt in the continued fights between Chagga and other promoters. I want to be clear, I don’t have a manager, though Goodlyfe still exists, and whoever deals with Chagga should do it at their own risk,” Weasel said.

A bitter Weasel told us that Chagga has been taking him for granted and wanted to always be the last decision maker sometimes failing to even give him respect.

Weasel also noted that he has a lot of children he has to feed that is why he shunned music promoters and now moves with Bryan White.

“Although people have talked a lot ever since I joined the foundation, I won’t leave the podium, I’m looking for money to pay school fees for my children and look after my family, Bryan White pays me one million every day, I can’t get this money anywhere, the so called managers just want to chop my money always because every million shilling they collect, they get three hundred thousand shillings (300,000), I believe I can manage myself now, I don’t need a manager anymore,” Weasel added.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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