First Clean Your Dirty Politics Before Jumping To Ours-Min.Tumwebaze Blasts Kenya’s Media For Supporting Bobi Wine

First Clean Your Dirty Politics Before Jumping To Ours-Min.Tumwebaze Blasts Kenya’s Media For Supporting Bobi Wine an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: The no nosense Ugandan Minister for Gender, Labor & Social Dev’t dubbed Kibale East legislator Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze Amooti has blasted Kenya’s Standard Newspaper for openly soliciting support for Ghetto Gladiator Bobi Wine’s presidential bid while ditching his master HE Yoweri Kaguta Miseveni Tibuhaburwa, whom they termed a ‘beast’.

Here Is The Headline That Moved Min.Tumwebaze Out Of His Comfort

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Their article published today Friday, November 20, 2020 on Standard’s front page titled “Ghetto President Brings Out The Ugly Beast In Museveni”, has since left minister Tumwebaze disappointed and wondering why Kenyan media has failed to clean their own politics of the land but instead decided to poke their noses in their neighbor’s.

Dear Kenyan media @StandardKenya, if you are interested in covering Ugandan affairs take time to understand them holistically. If that is difficult for u, then Better concentrate on ur endless #BBI/ #Handshake squabbles. Ugandans know Museveni better than u are trying to describe him.” Fumed Tumwebaze.

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What Is BBI?

The above standards for ‘Building Bridges Initiative’ an aggreement initiated in 2008, in the aftermath of another presidential election that went wrong and sparked widespread bloodbath  leading President Mwai Kibaki and his rival, Odinga, to shake hands on what came to be known as the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation (KNDR) agreement.

The BBI was tasked with inquiring into and making recommendations about nine areas that Kenyatta and Odinga had decided were crucial to the effort to “create a united nation for all Kenyans living today, and all future generations”.

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The report published last week on BBI, came up with a wide-ranging series of recommendations, including restructuring government to re-introduce a hybrid system of government featuring shared power between a president and a prime minister with members of Kenya’s Parliament now allowed to become part of the Cabinet.

The Agreement had four parts. The first three were about overcoming the immediate crisis, ending the violence, dealing with the humanitarian crisis it had occasioned and dealing with the political crisis occasioned by the electoral crisis.

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Agenda item 4, however, was about “addressing long-term issues, including undertaking constitutional, legal and institutional reforms; land reform; tackling poverty and inequality as well as combating regional development imbalances; tackling unemployment, particularly among the youth; consolidating national cohesion and unity; and addressing transparency, accountability and impunity.”

No-nosense Tumwebaze has urged the Kenyan media to first focus on clearing their own backyard before embarking on the neighbors’. an accessible web community

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