Religious Battle: Orthodox Bishop Kibuuka, Roman Catholic Church Finally Bury Bloody Hatchet

Religious Battle: Orthodox Bishop Kibuuka, Roman Catholic Church Finally Bury Bloody Hatchet an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The long-standing beef between the the Roman Catholic Cĥurch lawyers, Hon. Joseph Sewungu and Jude Mbabaali with Fr.Jacinto Kibuuka, seems to be sealed after the two parties signed a ceasefire agreement.

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It should be remembered that the riffle between the two parties escarated in 2016 after Catholic church suspended Fr Kibuuka from his priestly duties hence joining the Orthodox Church and was later consecrated as the new Bishop of the Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Church in Uganda and Eastern Africa.

Shortly after his consecration, Catholic lawyers filed for criminal prosecutions against him on accusations of uttering words and engaging in act that ‘injured feelings’ of the Roman Catholic Church leaders and followers when he referred to them as ‘abayaaye’(crooks) reportedly while appearing on a local radio station.

Withdraw Agreement

However, according to the consent withdraw aggreement seen by this website dated October 25, 2020, Bishop Kibuuka, Counsel Jude Mbabaali, and Hon. Joseph Ssewungu agreed that; “Both religions, their agents and or servants acting under them shall forthwith ceases vilification of one another’s faith, to wit making religious insults, defamation of religions and leaders or its members denigration or that faith offending religious feelings of that faith or the contempt of the religion making hate speech against its leaders.”

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The agreement adds that both parties have been barred from offending each other on top of making hate speech against leaders from both sides.

It states further more that Fr Kibuuka is cautioned not to violate any ‘object’ held sacred to the Roman Catholic Church on top of reproducing, imitating and mimicking the same. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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