Sad: UPDF Loses Another NRA Bush War Hero Maj Zizinga!

Sad: UPDF Loses Another NRA Bush War Hero Maj Zizinga! an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: Maj Oliver Zizinga who was among the Luwero war NRA fighters passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with diabetes and pressure at Medipal Hospital Kololo in Kampala although some sources say she succumbed to COVID-19.

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Zizinga’s death has been confirmed by UPDF spokesperson Brigadier Byekwaso who tweeted, “The UPDF family commiserates with the family of our NRA historical Maj Oliver Zizinga who passed on today at 10:00am at Medipal Hospital Kololo. Your struggle to liberate Uganda was not in vain. May the Lord rest her soul in perfect peace.”

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Contrary to the youths of today who have turned to be social media activists, Oliver Zizinga was among the many kudos/18yr olds who picked up arms to fight Uganda’s terrible leadership in 1980.

Who is Maj Oliver

Maj Oliver Zizinga, 84 is believed to have been born a natural fighter who never believed in oppression.

During the Milton Obote 11 regime, three of her children were killed by government soldiers, and she promised to support any person who came out to fight Obote.

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When Museveni promised to go to the bush if the elections were rigged, She was more than ready to join him.

she got into the system at first as a mobilizer, also doing clandestine work. When she came to Kampala, her husband asked her to choose between living in the bush or staying away from the rebels. Zizinga chose the bush because she would have been hunted by the government as well as the rebels since she knew their secrets.

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Safeguarding The Leader’s Welfare

By late 1981, They were only three women on the National Resistance council; Gertrude Njuba, the late Joy Mirembe, and Capt Zizinga. Joy died in 1982 while giving birth, leaving just the two of them.

Zizinga as a member of the NRC had no specified roles besides sitting in the NRC meeting and deliberating on issues.

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The two were put in charge of Museveni’s welfare. Much as they never went to the battlefield, the two ensured the leader of the struggle was safe and healthy.

In 1982, the structure was formalized. Museveni, who had by then been nicknamed Chairman High Command (CHC), got a chief bodyguard, and his chief cook was Lusigazi. Gertrude and Zizinga were to supervise issues pertaining to the CHC’s welfare.  The day they witnessed his cook dip a finger in his tea to check the temperature and serve him half-cooked tea, they requested to personally prepare his meals.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace! an accessible web community an accessible web community

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