Senior Rally Driver Rajiv Ruparelia Is New CMC Chairman Board Of Trustees

Senior Rally Driver Rajiv Ruparelia Is New CMC Chairman Board Of Trustees an accessible web community

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Kampala: The senior rallyist ‘Volkswagen Polo Proto’ driver Rajiv Ruparelia, the son of the city tycoon and business man Sudhir Ruparelia has been elected the Chairman Board of Trustees, Central Motor Club (CMC).

Rajiv’s election followed the 12-year leadership of Rajab Kavuma that came to an end on Saturday when Central Motorsport Club (CMC) elected new leadership at an assembly held at Kabira Country club.

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Rajiv will be deputised by Christakis Fatidis. Other board members include; Nelson Walusimbi as Secretary, Mike Mwangi as Treasurer and Mr Kiweewa Junjju as a member.

In the same elections, Mr Rajab Kavuma, the founder and President of CMC handed over to his successor Mr Shyam Kotecha as the head of executive committee a seat he had served since its inception in 2008.

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Board of Trustees, Central Motor Club In a Group Photo At Kabira Country Club in Bukoto on Saturday

In his handover speech, Kavuma urged the new board to put in place different income generating activities to boost the growth of the club other than waiting for the gate collections.

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“This club must find possible ways of earning money. For us, we failed to pay taxes because most sponsors prefered already booming things, therefore members please sit down and draft ways of earning money to put this club at a higher level,” said Kavuma.

However on the other hand, Rajiv said they are going to make the club one of the biggest not only in Uganda but also in the whole world.

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“Our expectation is that every year, you are going to see a winner from CMC,” he said, adding that they are going to get young talents and support them financially to ensure that the club grows.

Rajiv revealed that however much there is limited female participation in motor competitions, this will not be the case in the CMC.

“We shall try to get more females of course. It’s about strategy and how we entice them to join us,” he said.

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He encouraged participants to also join the volunteer program which is cost-free.

“We also encourage them to join the volunteer program. The volunteer program you don’t have to pay any membership. When you are called upon for an event or when we are doing something we just need you to donate your time and knowledge,” said the new Board of Trustees Chairman.

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List of Newly Elected members Of Board Of Trustees;

Chairman: Rajiv Ruparelia

Vice-chairman Christakis Fitidis

Secretary: Nelson Walusimbi

Treasurer: Mike Mwangi

Member: Junju Kiweewa.

Executive Committee:

Chairman: Shyam Kotecha

Vice-Chairman: Said Kakeeto

General Secretary: Enock Olinga

Treasurer: Anuj Thakhrar

Competitions Secretary: Avan Singh

Health & Safety: Gideon Kirumira

Fans & Media Secretary: Gareth Onyango

Disciplinary secretary: Ssali Babu

Welfare & entertainment: Patrick Salvador

Equipment secretary: Daniel Kaliu

Members: Mark Lubega, Eric Amadi and Michael Ssebina an accessible web community an accessible web community

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