“Shameless Museveni Killed Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka & Later Drove His Car, Not My Father”-Idi Amin’s Son Is Tired Of Holding The ‘Truth’ For A Moment More!

“Shameless Museveni Killed Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka & Later Drove His Car, Not My Father”-Idi Amin’s Son Is Tired Of Holding The ‘Truth’ For A Moment More!

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Yesterday the country celebrated former Ugandan Chief Justice Benedicto Kagimu Mugumba Kiwanuka Memorial day where President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was a guest of honor.

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Kiwanuka (8 May 1922 – 22 September 1972) was one of the key national figures that led the country in the transition from colonial British rule to Independence. He was allegedly murdered during Idi Amin’s regime in 1972.

However, in his view about the Kiwanuka’s day, former President Iddi Amin Dada’s son, Hussein Lumumba Amin has spit venom against President Yoweri Museveni, saying he would have instead used the day to apologize for killing Ben Kiwanuka.

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According to Hussein, the allegations that his father Idi Amin killed former Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka should be dismissed because it’s Museveni who killed him! To make his point further clearer, Hussein Amin has even carried along with him the number plate of the car that allegedly was used to kidnap Ben from the High Court, which Museveni was seen driving days later after his abduction. The car number plate is UUU 171. However, TheSpy Uganda can not verily confirm that indeed Museveni ever drove in the alleged car since Amin hasn’t provided the photo evidence to confirm the allegations, instead it’s him seen in the photo carrying the same. One wonders how then he got the number plate from Museveni’s garage. Anyway, below is Amin’s missive…..

Hussein Amin Speaks Whay Has Been On His Mind For Over Four Decades:


On behalf of the bereaved families, allow me to hereby state that in attending Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka’s memorial ceremony yesterday (Monmday), the right thing would have been for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to apologize to the family and ask them for forgiveness.

Just three months after the abduction of Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka, Mr. Yoweri Museveni was found driving the very Volkswagen vehicle whose number plate eye witnesses had noted, seen on the abduction vehicle.

Once cornered by police on January 22nd 1973 at House 49, Maluku Housing Estate in Mbale and asked about the vehicle, Museveni and the three other Ben Kiwanuka abductors drew their weapons and started shooting senselessly at the arresting officers and also at the public. Museveni then fled arrest into a nearby forest, and has been a fugitive from Ugandan law in the Ben Kiwanuka disappearance ever since.

The last time that anyone saw Mr. Ben Kiwanuka alive was during his abduction on 22nd September 1972 from the High Court chambers, and the official Amin government investigation never closed this case. In fact the 1974 Commission of Inquiry established by the government of Uganda clearly states on the Ben Kiwanuka abduction case that “His whereabouts are still unknown”.

Yet for the last 49 years, Milton Obote and Museveni both say he is dead.
How come they know that he is already dead when the government of Uganda was still searching for him, and therefore where is his body which they must have seen dead because that is the only way humanly possible to already know that he is dead?

Secondly, not only has Museveni profusely confessed to being involved in terrorist acts against the people of Uganda at the time, he was actually also found red-handed with the others who were then shot dead in self defence by the arresting officers during that infamous shootout at House 49 where evidence collected thereafter showed that they had actually been interrupted while plotting their next abduction.

Documents gathered from the scene, including a list of target individuals, evidence that one of Museveni’s surviving co-terrorists has recently confessed in the Ugandan media to having been sent to bring them to him, those hugely incriminating documents showed that the string of heinous serial abductions of at least nine other prominent Ugandans in the four months following Ben Kiwanuka’s mysterious disappearance, were all ordered by the late Chief Justices known political enemy, Museveni’s then boss and political hero, dictator Apollo Milton O’boat’e.

However since Museveni hasn’t yet apologized to the victims family 49 years on, and has the guts to annually attend the memorials of his own victims whom he possibly senselessly butchered, then I kindly request him to have the human decency to at least explain to the poor family and to the people of Uganda how he came into possession of the very Volkswagen vehicle whose number plate several eye witnesses had reported seeing in the abhorrent broad daylight abduction of the late Ben Kiwanuka, the very vehicle registration number UUU 171.

Signed: Mr. Hussein Lumumba Amin

Kampala, Uganda. Tuesday 28th September 2021.”

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