Shocking Secrets! Here Is How Catholic Vocalist, Top Museveni Critic Kizito Lwanga ‘Planned To Overthrow Gov’t Before Attempting To Poison Bobi Wine’

Shocking Secrets! Here Is How Catholic Vocalist, Top Museveni Critic Kizito Lwanga ‘Planned To Overthrow Gov’t Before Attempting To Poison Bobi Wine’ an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The whole nation has today afternoon been engulfed by the sad news of the death of His Grace Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese.

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The Secretary-General of Uganda Episcopal Conference Msgr John Kauta has confirmed the sad news saying the Archbishop was found dead in his room in the morning Of Saturday.

Kizito’s death comes on top of numerous scandals that had since driven him to the rank of being one of the top Museveni’s critics, according to pundits.

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This is generated from his toxic statements he has been releasing while serving the sheep of God at Lubaga based Catholic Church, where on several occasions he has been seen as tasking government to explain about security organs’ brutality, electoral violence, unlawful detentions of Ugandans among others.

As a result of this kind of assumption that Kizito has been a critic of the regime, Kizito was in 2018, rumored to be allegedly plotting to overthrow President Museveni’s Government,a rumor he later trashed, saying all were formed to make him look an enemy of the government.

Lwanga’s comments were in reference to a phone call he reportedly received from an anonymous person indicating that the state had received information linking him to a plot to overthrow the government.

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The caller reportedly told him that the government had recruited informants within the church’s ‘set up’- who had surrendered information to the president on the alleged plot.

“A few days ago, I got a telephone call and on the telephone, you can’t see the number of the person, it had ‘private’, so I didn’t know [who was calling]. This person had an accent from western Uganda and this is what he told me. That ‘there are many lies being told to the president’. Two, that ‘even members of these organizations have recruited your priests, your sisters, your brothers, even catechists and even seminarians.’ And I said, ‘what?’

“Even this man [anonymous caller] told me last week that be careful my Grace. You might be the next [Janan Luwum]. I said my goodness! If God wants me to die that way, I will. But if I am going to die for wrong accusations, that is criminal. You know for murdering people there are two things; you can shoot a person over what they call character assassination. So some members of ESO, ISO, CMI etcetera, they are character assassinating people and that is not good. But fortunately, those of you who are believers, there is still in a period of lent which are concluding tomorrow…I kindly call upon you to repent and stop telling lies.” Lwanga pleaded then.

“I call upon all of you to stop telling lies. Stop misleading our president. Mr President, we love you very much and that is why we have been electing you. These people are your enemies. They’re going to make you fail because your mind is poisoned and you act on such information.”

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Lwanga ‘Plots To Murder Bobi Wine’!

Putting his alleged plot to overthrow President Museveni aside, earlier 2021, the man of God made an alarm over the growing vice of fake news and misinformation after anonymous people accused him of nurturing intentions to murder 2021 National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine via the holy communion!

“Some people came out to say I and the Catholic Church were plotting to kill Bobi Wine and we would poison him through the Holy Communion! That was a big allegation, I can’t do that. I am the one who wedded Bobi. That means I have a personal attachment to him. Bobi loves his Church and he should not be made to hate it just like that,” Lwanga cried.

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“Such is one of the examples of how social media is being misused. How do you know such things unless you’re the one planning it!” he remarked on Christmas day, 2020.

Something notable still is when Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) led by Archbishop of Kampala, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga earlier this year asked the government to halt the 2021 presidential elections and allow Museveni to rule more three years uninterrupted citing an increase in Covid-19 cases that the country was registering with the staggering health sector.

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Catholic Father Anthony Musaala was the first cleric to jump onto this saying it was horrible and showed how evil of greed had poured dust into Uganda Joint Christian Council leaders quoting his boss Archbishop Kizito Lwanga’s prayer of stay of government which he accused of  “murder, brutality, corruption, theft, nepotism, impunity, lies and demagoguery”. This and more in our next bullet-ins…

All that aside, RIP Archbishop Kizito Lwanga. an accessible web community

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